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The outreach campaign of the TOPtoTOP Arctic Research Expedition 2021

We are currently operating in Norway, running three projects under our campaign “No Plastic”. Nature dictates the schedule of our expedition and therefore actions for our campaign are spontaneous.

Please register in the “Community” below to be able to participate in our three projects and learn skills that help you to take action.

Project descriptions:

1. “Microplastic in the Ocean”:

Analyses of Microplastic in the Norwegian Sea and Fjors together with the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Sogndal

2. “Clean-up SEA2TOP“

We clean up our natural environment from the mountain tops to the shore and into the sea. Therefore we need a variety of outdoor skills like mountaineering, sailing, diving and paragliding to fly the trash from the mountain tops. Our Focus will be on mountain ranges in Norway, Svalbard and Greenland as well as the Norwegian-, Barents- and the Greenland Sea.

3. “LPS-Action” – Leave Plastic in the Shop campaign

Together with schools and universities, we clean up coastlines from plastic. Our goal is, that cleaning up plastic, whenever you are outdoors, gets a habit like brushing your teeth. Nature showers us every day with gifts; – this is a way to give a “present” back to nature. The trash collected, we use to convince people during public presentations and direct interactions in supermarkets to reduce their plastic and CO2 consumption and leave extra packaging in the shops.

The more plastic we clean up and the more extra packaging left in the shops, the more pressure we can generate to supermarkets, to convince them to go back to their manufacturers and force them to change their products and packaging. Extra packaging left by consumers in shops, means extra disposal costs for the shops! We empower consumers through activism to fight the root causes of our plastic-polluted oceans and CO2-emissions.

Our goal is that this public involvement leads to an environmental movement, using our social media channels.

Skills we are happy to share with you:

  • Diving certificate for underwater clean-up
  • Skipper licence
  • Paragliding pilot licence
  • Mountaineering skills
  • Surfing
  • Campaigning tools
  • Science: Marine biology, Microplastic, Geography etc.


At this point in time we use FB messenger as our communication tool. Please advise and help us to get something like Google Suite, Canvas, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Seesaw for free. It would enable our young activists to shape our planet more efficiently.

Contact the program coordinators Max (at) or Sebastian (at)

Name, Email, Age, project interested, skills interested